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About Yoga

When the word yoga is mentioned, people automatically think of postures (asana) and assume that yoga is posture. The postures (asana) are merely a tool to help manage your mind. It is interesting to note that nowadays people separate yoga from meditation when Yoga itself is awareness that eventually leads to oneness. Yoga is a process that leads you to oneness.

Yoga darshana is one of the most ancient darshanas derived from the root “drishyate anena” which means, “that through which you can see” meaning “seeing Reality or your True Self.” Several ancient philosophers have dwelled in this subject matter and Sage Patanjali is one of them who expounded the Yoga Sutras outlining Ashtanga (8 limbed) Yoga to see one’s true nature or Reality as it is.

About Yoga
About Yoga

The basic meaning of the word Yoga is “yoking, uniting”, and also derives from the same verb-root, yuj, “to yoke or conjoin”.

Ashtanga Yoga also referred to as the Raja Yoga (the King of Yoga) comprises one of the first texts on Yoga. Although not the founder of Yoga, Sage Pantanjali systematically codified the process of yoga in short sentences known as Sutras (meaning thread) and by combining these sutras one can gain the insight into Yoga.

Patanjali Yoga Sutras are meant for the common people of the world so that one can live in the world yet remain unaffected and undisturbed by external environment thereby enjoying a well-balanced approach to life. His main focus was to manage and master the mind.

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