Kindly read the following before sending us an enquiry:

  • Ayurvedic Job Application

    If your enquiry is related to Ayurvedic job application in Singapore, kindly note that AAOS is not an employment agency and we do not provide any job placement.  If you are looking for a job in the field of Ayurveda, you will need to be sponsored by an employer in Singapore and you need to contact the employer directly. We do not provide any assistance in this matter.
  • Please also note that we do not provide a list of Ayurvedic companies in Singapore unless they are our corporate members.  Those who are corporate members will be listed on our website.
  • To maintain neutrality, we also do not recommend any clinics or doctors.

We will reply to all other enquiries as soon as possible.


The Ayurveda Association of Singapore (AAOS) Team
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