Ayurveda and Yoga for Restful Sleep

Many people take sleep for granted and recent research shows that lack of sleep can lead to several neurological problems and memory related issues. Ayurveda strongly asserts that human life is supported by 3 Pillars namely Food (Ahara), Sleep (Nidra) and Self Mastery (Brahmacharya). Sleep is considered to be as important as diet in maintaining health and balance in the body. Ayurveda considers sleep to be vital in body’s healing, repair and rejuvenation. Your body naturally repairs and heals itself during sleep. The mind and emotions also become balanced through sleep. When we have sound sleep, our body is regenerating and restoring at a deeper level. Science shows that the “night hormone” called melatonin, peaks thereby restoring sleep and immunity. Growth hormone soars, stimulating strengthening and repair of muscles and bones. The digestive tract has its own “sleep” cycle, eliminating wastes and toxins that might interfere with healthy, glowing skin. Even our sleeping brain is at work, processing memories and restoring neurochemicals vital to a happy mood and face.

Ayurveda and Yoga for Restful Sleep

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