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Bonding with your Child through Parent-Child Yoga

According to Ayurveda and Yoga it is important that Parent’s bond with their child at a very early age for the healthy growth of the child – both at the external and internal level. Every word that is uttered by the parent is absorbed by the child both
consciously and sub-consciously.

The first 5-7 years of a child’s life is the time when the child is very open and receptive to its environment including home environment. Science shows that the child’s brain is primarily in Theta and Delta wave patterns thereby making them very open to suggestions.

Research shows that attitudes and emotions such as anger, reactivity caused by stress or emotional upset and discouragement produce an irregular pattern in one’s heartbeat. As you shift your attitude to one of appreciation, empathy, tolerance or
engagement, this self-regulated state creates a smooth rhythmic heartbeat.


The parent’s actions and words get imbedded in the child’s mind which in turn moulds the child to become an adult. Yoga which means “Union” in Sanskrit, is a holistic system that deals with the mind, body, emotions and the inner self. It is a secular system that develops an all rounded personality and cultivates both the EQ and IQ. This parent-child yoga program is a fun-filled activity that has a multi-fold positive effect. Apart from developing an all rounded personality it develops the child’s intelligence in an enjoyable and an inquisitive way. Most importantly it brings about a special bonding between the parent and child. It has been suggested that yoga activities help children face and solve problem themselves in creative ways.

Students quickly learn how to self-regulate attitudes and emotions and bring balance to their mental and emotional systems. This balanced state leads to positive behaviour, improved academic performance and greater ease in social settings.

Bonding with your Child through Parent-Child Yoga

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