Understand Principles For Diet and Healthy Lifestyle Through Ayurveda Nutrition Course In Singapore

Ayurveda Course Singapore

As you want to become an Ayurveda Nutritionist, you need to know the deeper levels of ayurveda principles that contain the right diet with a good amount of nutrition where requires energy for your body.

Studies show that the human body mainly depends on the continuous supply of calories and nutrients through the conventional consumption of food rich in nutritional values.

Why take up Ayurveda Nutrition Course?

To become “ayurveda nutritionist,” you need to learn in-depth perspectives of ayurveda, which helps improvise overall health. Hence, understating the basic principles of ayurveda is an essential part of the ayurveda certification program. Every human body requires a customised approach to food dietary guidelines. Moreover, the nutritional source depends on person to person with different customs and cultures across the globe.

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Learning the ayurveda nutrition lessons

  • will help in understanding the perspectives of ayurveda vs conventional.
  • to understand guna (Quality) and prakriti (ayurveda traits)
  • to evaluate doshas in the digestion process
  • to identify the role of agni (digestive fire) and ama (undigested food)
  • to understand ayurveda and fasting (upavasa) based on prakriti
  • to identify the balanced diet (ashta ahara vidhi vishesha ayatana) through ayurveda principles
  • to know the right ayurvedic dravya (herbs/spices) and recipes

Today, the influence of a healthy diet and lifestyle has become significant for the overall well-being of every individual. The importance of balancing weight for a perfect healthiness goal has realized the calmness of mind, body, and soul.

The Ayurveda Nutrition Foundation Course (ANFC) is designed to become full-fledged ayurveda nutritionists by learning about their self-body and mind from ayurveda perspectives. Everyone needs to know the ayurveda principles of a healthy diet and lifestyle. By taking up the ayurveda nutrition course, it covers all areas of nutritional facts for accomplishing complete health. 

For Ayurveda Nutrition Course Singapore, contact Ayurveda Association of Singapore (AAOS) where you can apply Ayurveda principles to your culture and tradition.