Combat Stress and Anxiety Related Issues through Holistic Stress and Anxiety Management Course

Stress and Anxiety Management Course

Stress has become a daily part of an individual’s life. A person needs to cope with ‘stress and anxiety disorder to increase peace of mind. Learning stress and anxiety management techniques will help a person limit the disarray, maintaining one’s life a goal, and increase the eagerness to take life positively.

Why should you enroll in the course?

Those interested in pursuing a Stress and Anxiety Management Course will get immense knowledge on a variety of stress and anxiety disorders. It will help to understand the adverse effects of stress, increase confidence level to eliminate stress from their life.

It also benefits working-class people to manage stress as well as dealing with anxiety disorder can help you lead a quality lifestyle that can bring tranquility.

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What you'll learn at a workshop?

At the workshop, you will understand controlling stress and anxiety from an Ayurvedic perspective. You will explain the drawbacks of stress that influence physical, mental, and emotional levels.

In this course, you will learn

  • to identify the underlying cause of the stress
  • to recognize various techniques of coping with stress and anxiety
  • to understand the Brain waves – from Beta to Theta
  • why the body remains under stress mode even while resting

During the course, you will find different techniques and therapies that are considered to manage stress-related issues. Both theoretical and practical sessions are delivered in the course to defeat the challenges faced due to stress and anxiety disorders. You will learn to adapt quickly to the best practices to overcome stress daily.

Simple breathing techniques are also a part of the course to achieve the overall balance of the body.

You can enroll for the Stress and Anxiety Management Course through Self-Management of Stress (SMS) to improvise productivity and quality of life.

For more details contact Ayurveda Association of Singapore (AAOS), to get holistic learning programme.